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tv   The Five  FOX News  July 28, 2011 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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frank. we're there over the weekend with our budget brawl, taking it to the limit. we got ben quayle, so many others, the former hewlett-packard ceo. it gets better, it gets big. >> this is the fox nooks alert, a final house vote on speaker boehner's plan is set to happen shortly. keep it here. we'll bring you the live vote as it happens. hello, everybody. this is 5:00 on the east coast. this is "the five. we've got a lot to cover tonight. first an outrageous comparison in the "new york times" between the tea party and hezbollah. we have thomas friedman's shameless comments ahead. plus a 2012 round-up, and why michele bachmann is hoping rick perry doesn't throw his hat in the ring.
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and this, julia roberts banned in the uk. we'll they you why. those stories and much more. "the five" starts right now. we're waiting on the host to hold a final vote on the boehner plan. quickly the highlights of the plan. the plan will cut and cap discretionary spend buying $917 over the next ten years, and louvre the debt ceiling to rise by $900 billion immediately. but this one, very importantly, no new revenue, no tax increase. after the bill passes, which i think it probably will, the democrats have three options. they have cut, cap and balance already passed. they have the boehner compromise passed. oh, this one, they have more obama economics, bob, which has failed. >> before we get started -- >> oh, no! >> -- i have in honor of my friend, greg, i've gotten you all this t-shirt i have, which says i love the debt debate. here you go, greg.
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debt ceiling debate. whatever. >> bob, i will wear this when i go to bed and think of you. my nightshirt. >> i got you one. here you go. >> you can't put them on yet. okay, good. >> bob you have yours on, but clearly that's kimberly's size you're wearing. >> yeah. >> i'm not going to say anything, because i just got the -- never mind. >> you have a target for grover motherquist. norquist. >> this bill wouldn't be on the floor if boehner didn't have the votes. he's got them. he didn't as of last night until the most conservative republican caucus, the staff director -- this is really the tea party group -- sends out a blast email all over washington saying get in touch with your member and defeat the boehner plan. this is the speaker of their own party.
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that all of a sudden started -- they wanted to fire this guy, teller. they should. here's what will happen, it will pass now, it will go over to the senate, takes an hour for it to be considered in the senate. it will then be moved to table. it will be tabled. as i said before, balanced budget amendment, it will happen. >> you said there was a choice of three things. >> right, we agree on that. monica, what about it? why not take parts -- henry reported there may be a plan c, may be part of the boehner bill, plus part of the reid bill and -- >> look, i think it is probably true, because the general law of politics is the speaker of the house would never bring a bill to a vote unless he or she had the votes for this. "national journal" moments ago reported that there are 23 republican no votes on this. 24 gop no votes. and the bill is dead. meanwhile every single democrat who's ever gone along with either the ryan plan or cut, cap
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and balance has said no way to this. there's not a single democrat vote for this. if they lose one gop vote, it's dead. >> let's listen to john boehner on tape from earlier. take a listen. >> the house sent not one, but two different bills that will rein in spending, increase the debt ceiling, and bring an end to this crisis. when the house takes action today, the united states senate will have no more excuses for inaction. >> you know, the ball's in their court. boehner said, here it is, the ball's in your court. you have many ways to go with it. what are they going to do? >> it's like a coup in the palace, one of the guys yelling fire him, fire him. there's total dissension. you would think he's got it together, done the calculation, flipped the abacus, and thinks he has it. i think we might get the ugly
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stepchild merger of the boehner/reid plan. >> that's the problem. >> you will get a merger, only way to get a deal. they won't take any of this. by the way, the one person to take this bill down for boehner, this will be people down in the well, i've watched it before, the whips, that will say, here's a checkbook. you had no money for your campaign. you're going to be off your committee assignment. we'll put you on the d.c. committee. >> that's true. >> they'll get the votes. >> the votes are in the bag already. they decide to go to rule vote when they already know they have the votes on the final bill. >> there's good news i'd like to report. i've developed a drinking game. it's always linked to important issues. whenever the debt ceiling is mentioned, you should begin drinking immediately and don't stop until you're unconscious. i started earlier today. i went and i saw -- i'm bombed! i went and saw the producer, our producer of the show, and he told me about the debt ceiling. it's almost over. i know, i could tell he was
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lying. it was just like my doctor when he said, don't worry, greg, it won't come back. i knew it was lying. >> yeah, exactly. >> when is this over, bob? >> it has to be over by midnight on the 2nd. >> may i -- or the 2nd or 8th, before congos on recess. >> you can say the 8th, that's fine, but the point is it has to be over by the time they go to recess. >> they don't deserve recess. recess is a reward. they should have no release, bob. >> i haven't given up predicting on these things, but what i think can happen is the democrats in the senate may well accept a vote down the road on a balanced budget amendment, and in exchange for it taking reid's -- >> a vote, but they're not going to free-throw a balanced budget -- not going to take a vote for a balanced budget. >> the democrats do not want a second vote on this next year. >> before 2012. >> yeah, because of the election. >> take a listen to debbie
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wasserman-schultz. take a listen. >> this is not leadership. this is -- this is -- this is almost like dictatorship. i know they want to force the outcome they'd like to see, their extremists would like to impose, but they are getting ready to start panic and chaos, and they seem to be okay with that. it's just really disappointing. and potentially devastating. >> extremists, really? >> debbie wasserman-schultz, she of the angry perm -- >> we've all had those, monica. >> she's a mistress of projection. she learned at the feet of the master of projection, barack obama. she's out there accusing the republicans of everything of which the democrats are guilty. she calls the republicans extremists. the democrats have been hijacked by the extremist wing of their
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party. >> oh, god. >> she talks about lack of leadership. there's zero leader coming from the president. you know, the final point on dictatorship, president obama -- well, exhibit a, obama care. but this week obama himself said, you know, it's very tempting for me to go do something on my own -- >> the fact is the dictator definition is, when one person takes over for the majority, even though they don't have a majority. the tea party represents 10% of the people in the country. these people are holding this country hostage. they're a bunch of failed civics teachers that bound their way to washington. they don't have the experience or the intellectual understanding of what's going on here. they're about to take us over the cliff. >> bob, we're all rubes, we're all idiots. >> no, but -- >> except for wasserman. >> you're too smart to align yourself with these guys. >> you're saying 30 million
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people relate to the tea party? i'll go 50 million or 60 million that relate to the tea party. >> you'll get a few calls. >> the tea party is actually a threat to this do-opoly. it's the most encouraging political movement i've ever seen. >> what? >> yes. >> you're right. >> this is a group of people that believe in a principle. people like wasserman are going crazy because they've never seen anything like that. >> i give them credit for bringing this issue to the floor and -- >> they changed the debate, the argument. >> so did williams jennings bryant. >> did you notice, even in the reid bill, there's no raising taxes. >> do they not know when to declare victory, victory for this minority of the minorities? >> the tea party could claim victory now, because they've
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successfully shifted the argument. >> and convinced intelligent people like you all that they're serious. >> they are serious. >> i mean serious people. >> you're the one wearing the funny shirt, bob. >> i did it for you. i did it for you. >> and i love it. >> you can deny the effect of the tea party. they've completely changed the game of politics. you saw it in the last election. you'll see it in 2012, bob. >> you know what you guys, the tea party will be a nonissue in four years. >> on the other side of this break, coming up, we told you that congressman david wu was resigning over a sex scandal. wait till you hear how much of your money he'll bring with him. also, we'd like to hear what you think about this show. email us at we'll be right back.
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♪ ♪ >> this new segment? okay, welcome back to "the five." we're talking about the debt showdown. now let's get back to a few things said about the tea party.
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harry reid, i thought, had interesting comments to make. do we have the harry reid quote about the tea party? we'll get it here in a second, because i think harry was right on. then we'll get you one from tom friedman, which you -- >> i have tom friedman's article from yesterday, this op-ed. how low can this guy go? i'm sorry, bob. >> no, go ahead. >> we'll stay with friedman's op-ed column right here. it compares the tea party to hezbollah, a group that's declared jihad against the western world and jewish people. this is a jewish man. >> all right. you got yours when i didn't get mine. the same republicans, that's true, unlike my colleagues here, do not stand up to this hezbollah faction in their midst, the tea party will take the gop on a suicide mission.
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let me clue in, they're already -- you're not only my friends, i admire you, you're smart. how in the world can you align yourself with these people? >> can i make a comment with tom friedman? do you know who else had a mustache like tom friedman? hitler. tom friedman is hitler. there you go. >> what harry reid said about the tea party -- >> if he could say hezbollah, i can say that, correct? >> you're 100% right, absolutely right. >> what about reid? i can read it for you. >> read it, will you. >> reid tweeted last night, boehner's plan is not a compromise, it was written for the tea party, not the american people. hmm. democrats will wil will not vot.
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and it was hashtagged -- >> i'm getting vaguely turned on. >> go ahead. >> first of all, you've got the senate majority leader, the tough democrat in the united states senate saying basically tea party folks are not really average americans, they're not the american people. then you've got tom friedman, the quintessential writer for "the new york times" going out, comparing tea party folks to radical islamic terrorists. so much for the new tone, number one. number two, the tea party -- >> can i take notes? >> yes, kimberly, please. the tea party stands for three things -- constitutionally limited government, fiscal responsibility, and free markets. i can see where you think those are radical ideas and off the wall, but you know what that's where the -- >> what's off the wall, if the tea party hadn't holding this things up, the markets lost hundreds of points were wiped
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out, which means hundreds of thousands of dollars were lost, and it's the tea party's fault. >> it's the tea party's fault that the market went down several hundred points? >> yes, absolutely. >> not the money that the socialists and government have spent us in to the ditch? forget the ditch, the abyss. >> these are old debts. these are not new debts. >> obama is adding to the debt at $4.1 billion a day. you want to blame bush? he added to the debt at $1.6 billion a day. >> i didn't mention bush. i'm trying to explain that this is normally a fairly routine deal to raise the debt. these people have held everybody up. in the meantime the world -- they're 10% of america. that's all. >> they're new into the political process.
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>> the nudist society is bigger than 10 million people. >> i'd like to see the nudists come out in a show of force. >> you'd like them for anything. >> anything. how about nude tea partiers? >> there's only two of those. >> beckel, you are so excited this infusion of young people, people never involved in politics before back in 2008. you said it was a great thing. now it's happening on the other side. suddenly it's those people? what is that? >> yes. they were rallying around "yes we can" not "no we can't." >> this is not helpful to obama. his ratings among african americans have fallen 25 points due to the economy during the last year, his major base vote. the reason it's gone down like that is, unlike other people he's shown the courage to actually cut stuff. the reason that democrats are mad -- they're furious. they really are. he's had real cuts.
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>> can i -- >> get outta here! >> his approval rating among blacks is going down. >> right. >> unemployment among blacks is around 16%. his approval rating among hispanics is going down. unemployment in the hispanic community in america is around 11.5%. >> that's right. and you wait till you nominate one. these munchkins for president, it will go back up. >> vote generic republican. >> that's all you can put up, is a generic republican. that's the whole point. >> some believe the president's actions have helped the economy are not winning. >> what i'm not going to win is i don't get out of here for a second. >> all right, bye. >> coming up, but comedian george lopez says he'll do if sarah palin becomes the president. "the five" will be right back.
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♪ >> you're in so need of a seminar, bob. all right. welcome back to "the five." talk show host george lopez was recently on "piers morgan tonight." there he says, "if sarah palin becomes president at any point i would say allegedly i will move to canada." okay, that's not how you use the word "allegedly," but who cares. he's mexican america and choosing to move to canada instead of mexico seems like a slap in the face of mexicans? maybe he's racist. i kid. no one wants to go to mexico. why does he dislike palin?
2:26 pm
he thinks politicians have should have a political background, end quote. that makes no sense, but blamed her popularity on america's÷ culture of popularity. i'll give lopez a break. he wanted to appear edgy and thought palin-bashing was the way to enter that elite hollywood left wing club, he's right, but sadly a threat only works if it scares someone. this one doesn't. to quote the bouncer who threw me out of a bar on the weekend, there's the door. shouldn't lopez support mexico? they need his help. >> i think he's scared of all the border violence. even he doesn't want to cross the border these days. this joke wasn't even funny, because it's so 2008. alec baldwin back in 2004 said he would move out of the country
2:27 pm
if george w. bush got elected. he's still here. by the way, we're calling his bluff, george lopez, because he has a tv show and you're not going anywhere. >> if michele bachmann gets elected president, i'm going to newiiiiii zealand. >> oh, come on! >> i am. >> you're not allowed in that country after that incident. >> sarah palin has announced she's going to a large tea party rally on labor day weekend in iowa. there's a reason for this. it raises expectations that she may well be getting into this race. i actually believe there may be something to it, because in the next 30 days after labor day, about 15 states close you out from getting on the presidential ballot. she's going to make a move, she has to make a move around labor day or she won't be on the ballot. all the speculation about sarah palin will be resolved by the 10th of september, and i know that will break your heart. >> a movie is coming out on pay-per-view. >> pay-per-view? >> yeah.
2:28 pm
we can watch it it at my place, we'll make s'mores, wear shorty robes. >> not those again! >> if palin wins, george lopez moves to canada, that's a win-win. we get a good leader, my son doesn't have to watch george lopez every night, get bad habits from that show. >> you like palin? >> these a colleague of mine on fox. >> good answer. >> i'll be honest, i like this job. >> rick perry surges to second place in two major polls. what do you think, kimberly? >> i really like rick perry. >> if he runs. >> i think he's going to get in. if he does, i think it's a big problem for mitt romney. that's what even the polling is showing. think about it, the guy hasn't even announced yet, and he's strong in the numbers. you got to be worried if you're romney. that's why romney is saying, hey guess what, you want to know my vp dream team. >> they'd have twice as much hair as any opponent.
2:29 pm
>> you have to have hair to be president. >> there's no combovers. >> never have i seen in all the years where i followed presidential politics where a frontrunner does not have 25% or 30%. that brought romney down to 17%. the fact of the matter is -- >> have you ever seen this many contenders, or would-be contenders? >> nine people lined up with me to defeat ronald reagan, guess what happens. >> you lost. >> oh, we lost really? >> romney on his short list, two first-term governors, called political experience, george lopez. bob mcdonald, chris christie, and marco rubio. >> can i explain something? the first rule in presidential politics is never to try to name vice presidential candidates before the first vote. but did you notice that every
2:30 pm
one he named was in closely contested primary states. that's fine. he should say i'll pick the governor of iowa and new hampshire. it was stupid. >> when perry gets in -- i don't think sarah palin will get in. rick perry could get in. if he does, he'll do it smart, won't do what newt did, smashing paul ryan's plan on the way in. >> i like rick perry. >> a guy who ran for president, came in after labor day, and won? the short answer -- never. >> now, you can raise a lot of money online. somebody could get in mid, late september, even october 1st. if rick perry gets in, it instantly becomes a two-man race between romney and rick perry. rick perry has an enormous economic success story to tell in texas. nearly 40% of all the jobs created once the recession formally ended happened in texas. no state income tax.
2:31 pm
little regulatory burden in texas, a perfect counter point to barack obama, in addition to the fact unlike romney he's plugged in -- >> the only role i have on this show is to be the crazy uncle in the basement. >> got it. >> and because i know something about presidential politics. please, when it gets to this, you're too smart to analyze things that way. >> he's not getting. >> ? >> he won't be able to get in on the ballot. do you not understand that? you were an oil trader. he'll probably get in against these munchkins. >> one other candidate, herman cain, he got in hot water appearing on fox a while back, talking about how muslims shouldn't be building a mosque. where was that? >> murfreesboro. >> he apologized. he was at an islamic center in northern virginia. there's his apology. i'm truly sorry for any comments that may have betrayed my commitment to the u.s. constitution and freedom of
2:32 pm
religion guaranteed. all americans have the right to practice their faith freely and peacefully." kane is a good man, not a good politician, because he's too frank. is it over for him? >> i think frankness is what the american people want. frankly herman kane said exactly the right thing e. has nothing nothing to apologize for. islamic is not strictly a religion, it's a political system, a way of life, a governing system. he was trying to get across all of that, this is not just about freedom of religion, but there's another dimension to islam that americans are concerned. >> i'm not going to argue, but two thing, a big day is coming up in august for tim pawlenty, who is going to be in the straw poll. if he comes in third or lower, he's gone. >> we agree with that. can we agree on a happy ending note here? >> no, because -- no, we can. and cain never had a chance anyway. we told him, give us the shovel
2:33 pm
when you're digging a hole. this guy is still digging it deeper by apologizing that way. >> he's a normal guy. >> he's a good guy. he's a gentleman, a class act. >> bob, it's time to move on. >> the man with the s'mores. >> yes. stay with us. we've got more for you on "the five" next. >> but no s'mores. ♪
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>> i'm bret baier in washington. the big story today, you guessed it, the upcoming vote on house speaker john boehner's proposal to raise the federal borrowing limit and cut government spending. tonight on "special report" we will be live on capitol hill where we're learning the debate is being pushed back to buy more time, likely in search of more votes. we'll also go live to the white house where the president's spokesman compared speaker boehner to the grinch that stole christmas today. in other news today, a soldier who was awol and reportedly had weapons stashed in a motel room is under arrest tonight in texas. law enforcement officials say the 21-year-old has admitted planning to attack fort hood, the scene of a massacre in 2009. we'll tell you how the police were tipped off to his alleged plan. a jam-packed "special report" starts at 6:00 eastern.
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the story is changing by the minute. send it back to new york and "the five." ♪ >> benny and the jets? >> elton john for you. welcome back to "the five." we've got an update on the story we brought you a couple days ago about democratic congressman david wu of oregon, resigning in the face of a sex scandal, but he's going to resign only after the debt crisis is resolved, if that ever happens. now we're hearing, guys, he will be getting, along with anthony weiner nearly a million dollars in benefits and pensions. clearly it pays to be a democratic corn dog. >> corn dog? >> we paid richard nixon $10 million with taxpayer money. this happens to be the law. they have a pension.
2:39 pm
you may not like it. i don't particularly like it. >> why don't they change it, bob? >> because you change it in the house, and that's full of republicans. let them change it. >> did you this in my cup? >> i did, bob. >> he put the tiger costume on. >> the man made $174,000 a year, but the benefits package he'll continue to receive as long as i guess he lives it's ridiculous. taxpayers are picking up the tab for little tiger's benefit. >> isn't this where we're in a debt crisis? >> wu and weiner should take their money and get a condo, a little party condo. >> with charlie rango? >> get him out of office, keep him away from us, don't let him cause problems. a million dollars is a small price to pay to get rid of him.
2:40 pm
>> i think the democrats should pay that price. >> what i think is a real scandal, the president's job czar. he put together this commission to look at the unemployment crisis in this country, and he set up this commission, the chairman of general electric in charge of this jobs committee. now he's decided to move jobs overseas, actually create jobs rather, in china. he's moving the entire ge global x-ray headquarters to china. isn't this the height of irony, that communist china has been more amenable environment for job creation right now than the united states of america? >> why are we sugarcoating this whole thing? this is the world's most epic romance between immelt and barack obama. they were tight before he became president. they're tight now. he's the job czar. his job duties entitle me to export america, take the jobs
2:41 pm
out of this country, put them in china because that seems like a good thing to do. >> jeffrey immelt took over the helm of ge, $24 a share, brought it $20 a share, nice job, but in the meantime closed down incandescent light bulb plants. they send him over to china to produce the florescent ones. now this x-ray unit, more jobs going overseas. not bad, because ge is in the business of making money. knock yourself out, do what you have to do, but don't make this the guy that's supposed to create jobs in america. >> it's horrendous. >> the reality is he doesn't work for america, he works for shareholders. so he should be able to do what he wants to do. >> but he does have an obligation to make money. >> if going to china, makes a lot of money for the shareholders, that's what he should be doing, but that means his heart lies with them and not with american jobs, and that's why he shouldn't be the job czar.
2:42 pm
>> he's looking to make money. by the way, he's moved his vice-chairman john rice to china. that's a signal of things to come. china's orders are up 32% in the second quarter. by the way, india 91%. >> bob hasn't uttered a word. what's wrong, bob? >> i've been put in a time-out by the producers. >> for what? >> for nothing. i'm not going to say it. i didn't do and -- you know, it's tough enough -- by the way, if you email the show, could someone say, bob, you're outnumbered 4-1, and even though we don't like you, we think it's fair. >> bob, there are positive emails. i get positive emails all the time saying how much they love you, how much they -- actually got one today. we got one today. >> that's good, for the 15,000 you got, that's a good number. >> and it was from alan cohen. >> virtually every major
2:43 pm
international congress has sent jobs to china -- international corporation has sent jobs to china. >> not the czar of the president's job council. >> we've got a 35% corporate tax rate, the highest in the world. this is why so many of these companies are going overseas, creating jobs overseas, and not bringing the money back to the united states. >> i just have to figure out -- please, someone help me. i've been doing this for a long time. i can't figure out how ge can make zero united states federal income tax. please help had me out. >> i'm the only one on this panel who's written a column, "usa today," how to end the idiotic game of chicken on the debt. i'd like you to read it. >> can we get an autographed copy? >> no. i save those for the currency i
2:44 pm
print. >> coming up, julia roberts' ad is being banned in the united kingdom. details coming up next on "the five." >> ♪ i'm the best that's ever been ♪
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♪ >> who is this? >> all right. we're back. welcome back to "the five." we've got something super important and intellectual to talk about. are you ready? get out your notepads, because the british advertising standard authority, very long name, not catchy at all, has taken it upon themselves to have legislation and ban airbrush. they're now my enemy for life, because they want to airbrush beauty like julia roberts -- "pretty woman" and kristi
2:49 pm
turlington, because they're making them look so young, like a time machine or something. >> it's ridiculous. julia roberts played the greatest hooker movie in movies, first of all. i can stand up for them here. there's not air or brushes in the world to do anything with me. >> we try. >> we've got an example here. one of us on this panel has been airbrushed recently. this is how much airbrush can do. can we bring up that airbrush piece? yeah, greg! doesn't he look great? he looks exactly like that. >> they airbrush the cheeks like that. >> it's incredible. i let myself go. >> yeah, you have. >> bob, i did some research this morning, and i found out that in your previous career you had a apologizing career. i think i found an old cover. here we go. >> you know, this is what i mean -- >> that's hot. >> i had this idea, gave it to producers, to use you, and behind my back they went to
2:50 pm
this. >> that's what happens, bob. >> it does? have you ever been airbrushed? >> let me tell you something, thank goodness yes. i've worked in this industry. the only problem with is with teenagers. they have a bad image enough -- >> you're too pretty to be airbrushed. your brain should be airbrushed with your politics. >> that's so mean it's almost funny. >> i worked in magazines for almost 15 years, "men's health" and "maxim." i'll tell you one thing, it's not the public upset about this. the airbrush comes from the publicists who want their celebrities to look good. >> always, greg? >> if you put the celebrity on the cover, and there's a blemish or a hair, you will hear about it. so the editors and art directors have to do the airbrush or -- >> the american medical association actually came out in favor of doing away with airbrush for teenage magazines. there's something to be said about that. you put these thin people on, all these girls who are bulimic
2:51 pm
with eating disorders -- >> my question is if they're airbrush julia roberts and kristi turlington, one of the original supermodels, what's that do for the rest of us? >> have you seen how much makeup and -- >> excuse me, mr. herman cain. are you kidding me? you have that color in the middle of december. i think the thing about the children's magazines or teenage magazines is important, because the number of young girls in this country who fall for that is terrible. >> the other thing is -- >> yeah, we want to talk about that, because this is a story we saw interviewed on "fox and friends" this morning. a pennsylvania mom who got on a school bus because there was a commotion and other kids were
2:52 pm
telling her to get on because her little boy was not moving. no one could wake him up. it had appeared he had a medical problem. she woke him up. apparently he was in a deep sleep. now she's being prosecuted, and could do jail time because -- i swear, i'm not making it up. >> now, the prosecutor is dropping the charges, because of public outrage. >> in meridian, mississippi, i did a voter registration drive in the late 1960s, and the ku klux klan came on and -- it's true. >> are we going to talk about joe pesci? >> next break. he gained 30 pounds for a role, and he's now filed a lawsuit over it. i think he should.
2:53 pm
who is he suing? why that's next on "the five" when we go gaudy. ♪
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2:58 pm
movie coming out about his leave. i love pesci, but why don't you sign a contract before you do something like that? oh, i see, he was promised by hollywood. there's something to take the back. >> the producers say he backed out. >> that's their side of it, like any good absolute. he said she said. >> all these actors like to pretend they have to buy into the role. just buy a fat suit. >> on a serious note, you're a lawyer, would you do anything in hollywood without signing a contract? >> no. you have to. >> especially gaining 30 pounds for a role, you have to sign a contract. >> i could have played the role without gaining the weight. they didn't ask me. >> for $3 million, i'll gain 30 pounds. >> i've already gain 30 pounds.
2:59 pm
>> tell them you'll do it. >> leave the gun, take the cannoli. >> he's good, because that's who he is. joe pesci is not acting. he is crazy. >> i think they're making a mistake. >> before we go, we'd like to share jon stewart's moment of zen from yesterday. take a listen. >> here it is, your moment of zen. >> stick around, we've got a lot more for you on "the five" right after this. ♪ ♪ >> are you trying to raise the debt ceiling? >> we appreciate it. let's give me one back. >> ♪ it's fun to stay at the ymca ♪ it's fun to stay at t


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